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Located in the heart of the urban authority of Nantes, Rezé was born in the first century AD, on the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman town called “Ratiatum”. As a result of its 2 000 years of history that conveyed the human will to implement original solutions to live together, Rezé offers a remarkable architectural heritage. People come from afar to visit, for example, Le Corbusier’s Maison Radieuse, the public housing project of Dominique Perrault, the Diderot multimedia library of Massimiliano Fuksas or to discover Trentemoult, which used to be a small Cape Horner and fishermen village on the banks of the Loire River. Its coloured houses give the town a certain and recognized charm. Nowadays, the area has become a well-known place for its panoramic view of Nantes and its pedestrian, narrow streets in bloom. A riverboat shuttle to the harbour station of downtown Nantes reminds one of the time when the Roquio was the only way to cross the Loire River
Between the Sèvre and Loire Rivers, Rezé also offers about 20 km of hiking trails and bicycle paths, ensuring a continuous accessibility that favours the discovery of a surprising variety of environments.