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“Villa cheminée”
Tatzu Nishi

By playing with perspective, Tatzu Nishi pits himself against the colossal size of the “iron castle” power plant by making an identical copy of a tower. At the top sits a tiny cottage with a garden – straight out of the 1970s, like so many others in the surrounding area – where one can stay. With this work, Tatzu Nishi creates a truly visual shock, pushing us to develop our imagination.

Japanese artist born in 1960, Tatzu Nishi likes to play with conventions, especially aesthetic conventions. Alternatively named Tazro Niscino, Tatsuro Bashi, or Tatzu Oozu, he uses the same playful and mischievous attitude to swiftly re-contextualise familiar household objects or public monuments: an upside down lamp post becomes a kitchen “chandelier”, a cherub from Basel’s cathedral ends up on the coffee table of a living-room… and for Estuaire 2007, the fountain of Place Royale, the sculpture of Amphitrite allegorically representing Nantes surrounded by the Loire river and its tributaries, becomes the majestic set for a hotel room !



On Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (except in the event of strong winds) between Christmas Sunday and the February holidays. Non accessible for disabled.

To rent for one night : On reservation with www.levoyageanantes.fr From abroad : + 33 (0) 272 640 479 From France : T. 0 892 464 044 (0,35€/mn)

This work created has been designed as part of the public procurement of the ministry of Culture and Communication – DRAC (Regional Direction of cultural affairs) of the Pays de la Loire. Special thanks to the EDF power station of Cordemais

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