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À Nantes (île de Nantes)
Bâtiment Manny

“The Zebra Crossing

Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch aims to subvert existing systems, rules or structures. Here, the work highlights the Manny building, signed by the agency Tetrarc for the group Coupechoux, and interacts with its immediate environment. Taking her inspiration from pedestrian crossings in Britain – using the famous belisha beacons, flashing yellow globes on top of black and white striped posts – she has redesigned the public space outside the building and creates an impression of disturbance, sowing doubt in the minds of pedestrians.

Angela Bulloch’s work is multi-faceted. By questioning our world’s order, Angela Bulloch takes possession of daily objects and gives them a dimension which goes far beyond their original function. Technology plays a major part in her work.
Since her arrival on the artistic scene at the end of the 90’s, Angela Bulloch’s work is characterised by a new alternative to the “avant garde” artists of the the 1960’s. Organising her artwork into “families”, she simultaneously declines “interactive” works (or even works in which a gesture from the spectator is an integral part of the display) which play on language, light displays (like on the Paris tramway or the Berlin Reichstag), videos or even automated drawing machines.


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