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Le LiFE (Alvéole 14)

“The Vertical works”
Anthony Mc Call

Curator: Sophie Legrandjacques

The LiFE (International Centre of Emerging Artistic and Cultural Creation) was created in 2007. It is located in the huge Alvéole 14 of the submarine base of Saint-Nazaire, recently restored by the Berlin-based architect Fin Geipel.

During the seventies, Anthony Mc Call, a British film director living in New York, directs a series of film: drawn straight onto the film, he uses simple geometric shapes – the cone especially – to conceptualise the notion of “solid light”. These films are destined to be projected in “seat-less, cabin-less and screen-less” exhibition spaces. The fumes, spreading in that “empty” space, slowly take the shape of a cone of light, coming out of the projector: this process creates a sculpture of light, around and inside which, the audience walk around. The projection process, rather than the projected image, becomes the event.

For Estuaire, Anthony Mc Call creates a double “light installation”, from the series Between You and I (2006). Using the architectural properties of the site – especially its height, these pieces take the visitors to a physical confrontation with the sculpture, shifting our definition of an event or a show.


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