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Cirque ici / Johann Le Guillerm

Alchemist of the circus, virtuoso artist, Johann Le Guillerm creates a world of wonderful forces and tensions. His art and researches seem to give us the power to survey some hidden parts of the world. His circus brings into play the basic laws of balance and physics. We remain astounded with this attempt to express the world, appealing to the basic knowledge and leading us to understand the most complex notions of science. Starting with the ring circle, archaic gathering place for men, we come to wonder on the outline of universe.

This creation by Johann Le Guillerm is part of a wide project of research, between Art and Science, called Attraction, carried out since 1999. These investigations focus on notions of balance, shapes, view points. They met and provide other thoughts on circus, movement and on impermanence. He has four lines of creation: “Secret”, the show; “La Motte”; “Le Film” and “La Trace”.

Coming from the first class of the “Centre National des Arts du Cirque” (National Centre of Circus Arts), Johann Le Guillerm has won the Circus National Grand Prix National in 1996. This tightrope walker, who has also been trained with the funambulist of the “Diables Blancs”, Enny Clenell and with the Czech clown Ctibor Turba, has worked with Archaos, la Volière Dromesko, co-founded the circus O and created his own circus company “Cirque ici” in 1994. The show “Secret” proved a tremendous success at Avignon’s festival in 2004.

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