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Nantes / le lieu unique

“Sans titre”
Vincent Mauger

Vincent Mauger works alternatively with drawing and 3D techniques. One day an architect, the next a mason or a carpenter, his installations are sketches, roughs that spread through an open space. Starting with ordinary building materials (brick, wood, paper), he puts together building techniques with virtual or scientific imagery, aiming at highlighting the similarities between each process… Vincent Mauger’s shape engages the spectator in reconsidering traditional representations and offers a different approach to reasoning.

Vincent Mauger’s installation was presented in the 1 200 m2 of “La Cour”, the ground floor of Le Lieu Unique. Using the singular architecture of the space, he invites the visitor to make his proposal his own, to walk through it, to re-design the space just as he pleases, by physically and mentally living in it.

— En collaboration avec l’Université de Nantes, IUFM Pays de la Loire et la DRAC des Pays de la Loire.

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