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Île de Nantes / Parc des Chantiers

“Résolution des forces en présence”
Vincent Mauger

This public park covers 13 hectares and is set on the former ship-building yards, which closed down in 1987. Now you can see the flagship elements which are used in shows such as Les Machines de l’île (with the Great Elephant, the Machines Gallery and The Sea Worlds Merry-go-round), the ship-building workshops (permanent shipbuilding exhibition at the Maison des Hommes et des Techniques), …

Starting from simple systems and building materials, Vincent Mauger creates objects that play with differences in perspective and scale, inviting visitors to constantly readjust their physical and mental positions.
This object calls to mind the idea of Nature itself through his choice of material: wood. Long stakes are attached to a central matrix, creating a kinetic effect when walking around it. Like a medieval or antique war machine, its size and volume make it majestic – and just as equally frightening.

For your security, climbing onto the structure and walking on the gravel is strictly forbidden. children are under the exclusive responsibility of their accompanying adults.