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On the estuary / Frossay (Le Carnet)

“Rassemblement d’architectures mobiles et d’habitats légers”

The “camp” gathers on site, aerial modules or modules set on the ground, habitable capsules, artists’ tents… ready to be tested by the audience. Attractive, formal, functional experiments, they have in common the fact that they all arose from some critical review of the 70’s utopias and from cleverness, from desire to test habitable objects from a different perspective, new ways of living together between humans and with nature. These modules can be visited during daytime and rented out at night. During the three months of the event, about ten people will be able to book and sleep on site in some modules.

Guess artists :
Atelier Van Lieshout / Dré Wapenaar / Gilles Ebersolt / Kevin Van Braak / Denis Oudendijk / Nathalie Bles with Serge Stephan / Martin Ruiz de Azua / Violette Le Queré, Christophe Bodinier, Benjamin Boré and Julien Perraud

— Le rassemblement d’architectures mobiles a été réalisé pour Estuaire 2007 avec l’appui technique de SCE, Partenaire Services.

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