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Galerie des Franciscains

“Quarta-Feira de Cinzas / Épilogue”
Rivane Neuenschwander <br/>& Cao Guimarães

Commissariat : Sophie Legrandjacques

The former chapel of a monastery built in 1875, the Galerie des Franciscains is now an exhibition space as well as a concert place, welcoming various cultural and regional events

Brazilian artist born in 1967, Rivane Neuenschwander has developed a multi-faceted work in which the themes of language and narration are recurrent. Informed by the Neo-Concrete movement of the seventies in Brazil, she tries to make visible what she calls a “magic realism”, a concrete manifestation of abstract phenomenon.

In 2006, she works in association with the Brazilian film director and artist Cao Guimarães (born in 1965) to direct Quarta-Feira de Cinzas/Epilogue (Ash Wednesday / Epilogue). This film unveils the fascinating ballet of ants, carrying confettis covering the streets where the carnival took place; a strange vision that this microscopic society, still alive and productive after the festivities.

Between the beauty of the colours, the ephemeral kinetic composition of the confettis and a production system that recycles our garbage, this piece describes our everyday life where normal and extraordinary continuously meet. Assisted by far away samba rhythms mixed with tropical forest recordings.

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