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Nantes / Hôtel du Département

Morgane Tschiember

Morgane Tschiember creates a real road streaking the outdoor yard of the “Hôtel du Département” and meeting this universal desire of gravity emancipation. “The object” does not use the metaphor but at the opposite it uses physical reality and its integration in space: it is on the dividing line between volume (space), and drawing (plan), painting (light), and picture (time).

Painting in all possible ways, painting abolition of paint in the object, painting in all its forms… Whether she takes picture, films, sculpts or installs, Morgane Tschiember explores and exhibits pictorialism. Born in 1976 in Quimper, graduate (DNSAP) from ESNAB Paris in 2002 and (DNSEP) from Quimper in 1999, winner of “Paul Ricard” Prize in 2001, occasionally working with Olivier Mosset, Morgane Tschiember exhibits in Nantes (“Zones Arides” -arid areas- exhibition at the “Lieu Unique”) in Anvers, going through Munich, Neuchâtel (galerie Une), London (Frieze Artfair) or Paris (FIAC, Galerie Martine & Thibaut de La Châtre) – where she lives and works.


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