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Nantes / le lieu unique

Thomas McIntosh

in collaboration with Mikko Hynninen and Emmanuel Madan

“Ondulation” (undulation) is a composition for water, light and sound designed by two Canadian artists, Thomas McIntosh in collaboration with the composer Emmanuel Madan and Mikko Hynninen, Finnish sound designer, light engineer, stage designer and composer. In a room plunged into darkness, concentric waves go all over a huge pool. Intuitively, the visitor understands that the surrounding sounds, the movements on water surface and the light waves on the wall are closely connected. The device is subtle, the experience is startling: it seems possible to see the sound and hear the image.

The main goal of [The User], a group of artists created in 1997 in Montreal by Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madan, is to explore the sound possibilities of space and technology. Architect by training, Thomas McIntosh is taking an interest in the many parameters of our environment impacting on our perception (sound landscapes generated by phones ringing, noises related to office equipments or to buildings) and which are often unnoticed in everyday life.


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