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Place du Bouffay

“Monte-meubles, l’ultime déménagement”
Leandro Erlich

The main theme of Leandro Erlich’s installations is to question and problematize our perception of reality. Faithfully re-enacting domestic interiors or walkways, they suddenly spark a moment of doubt: through the subtle play of mirrors, false bottoms, or trompe-l’œil’s, spaces are deconstructed and multiplied.

Defying the laws of gravity, Monte-meubles – L’ultime déménagement represents a section of a façade suspended 10 m (33 ft) in the air. It faces the other façades in the square and borrows their architectural vocabulary. But what miracle keeps it up? What could have happened to make all the residents move out? What phenomenon could have stopped the building from being demolished?

Like an image, the work is reminiscent of the Renaissance theorist and humanist Alberti, who defined painting as a window that opens onto the world. Through this façade, might Leandro Erlich be giving Nantes a chance to see its past history and future through a parallel reality?


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