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La-Noue-Bras-de-Fer street
Aethica Building

“Mètre à ruban”
Lilian Bourgeat

This artist takes great pains to supersize everyday objects, while preserving their exact original appearance. He realizes plastic cups of 40 cm in height that one can drink with (a difficult task if one does not want to spill the content), push-pins on cork panels of 36 cm of diameter, rubber boots of 3 meters height, etc.

By blurring reference marks, Lilian Bourgeat distorts the perception of not only the objects themselves, but also the space where they are installed. Focusing on the ties between art and world, via the relationship of representation and perception, he questions our comprehension of reality and disturbs the natural process by which we understand the world around us.

Mètre à ruban appears as if it were a monument dedicated to the simplicity of an everyday tool – but one which turns constructions from our imagination into concrete reality. This gigantic measuring tape is splayed out in the courtyard of the new headquarters of Aethica, a construction company.


— Work created thanks to the support of ADI (Aethica Group), Project Partner of Estuaire