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Le LiFE (Alvéole 14)

Edwin van der Heide

Edwin van der Heide is a sound artist who is particularly interested in the spatial dimension of the sound. Also falling within the scope of an approach close to optical art, his works take the form of installations and performance shows creating a dynamic dialogue between the various visual and sound elements. When exploring multiple means of creation, he has often been brought to work with musicians, visual artists and architects. He creates space as an instrument for which a play could be written combining various visual and sound parameters.

“LSP” is an installation in which image and sound are equally important but alternately dominate. The visual and sound environment created in this huge space allows the spectators to continuously change their view point. The image is generated by a laser projected on a volume of smoke diffused in the “Alvéole 14”. Images and sounds come from the same computer source, from only one composition tailor-made for this recently converted place.

Edwin van der Heide is graduated from the Royal Academy of Netherlands. In 1989, he started to present installations and performance shows utilising invented instruments based on sensors. He played in the Sensorband trio with the Japanese Atau Tanaka and the Polish Zbiegniew Karkowski. He has been teaching in the “sound and image” department since 1995 and since 2001 in “new medias” department at the University of Leiden In Netherlands.


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