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On the estuary / Cordemais

“L’île flottante”
Fabrice Hyber

While travelling over the Atlantic, Fabrice Hyber (1961, Luçon) began thinking about global warming and rising sea levels. He expressed this reflection through a series of paintings representing trees on frail boats, tossed about by black currents. Shortly after, upon learning of an “island” in the Pacific the size of France, and made entirely of debris amassed by the ocean’s currents, he unravelled the spool of his thinking right up to this project of a “floating island”.

The artist assembles a variety of different boats. Worn down and near-wrecks, overgrown with vegetation like little vegetal Noah’s arks, they almost suggest that, over time, a single island will form: a possible haven for a future humanity.

Fabrice Hyber lives and works in Paris.
From “Plus gros savon du monde” (the biggest soap of the world) to the creation of the Limited Company “Unlimited Responsibility” whose aim is to favour communication between artists and companies, thanks to operating “Prototypes of objects”, familiar objects of which he transforms the prime function (like the square ball), Fabrice Hyber’s work is design as a huge network developing on echo principle.

Each work is only an intermediary and evolutionary step and the whole work can be seen as a company networking ideas and people, knowledge and know-how, thus drawing his inspiration from the way cellular systems of many live organisms grow, systems of irrigating, nourishing, overflowing…

After having transformed the Modern Art Museum of Paris into an Hybertmarché (Hybertmarket) in 1995, and set, the same year, a professional hairdressing salon in the forum of the “Centre Georges Pompidou” for the exhibition “Féminin-Masculin” (female-male) (1996), he represented France at the 47th Biennial event of Venice, and won the highest distinction of this event the “Golden Lion”, for having transformed the French Pavillon into a recording and broadcasting for TV shows studio (“Eau d’or, eau dort, odor– la danse des cadreurs”, Venice 1997).


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