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“Le pied, le pull-over et le système digestif”
Daniel Dewar et Grégory Gicquel

Between Saint-Nazaire’s “crab claw” jetties, next to the harbour master’s office, and on a beach lined with stone pine trees that extends out into the basin of the outer harbour, stands a work made up of three sculptures respectively representing a foot, a pullover and a digestive tract. Camped out among the surrounding sand and rocks, these gigantic figures carved out of large concrete blocks stand nearly seven metres (23 ft.) tall. Like fragments taken from a body, a building, or a maritime monument, they offer a landscape-size portrait of our modern civilization, itself also subject to the erosion and colonization of the elements.

Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel have been sculpting as a duo since 1998. Self-taught in almost every technique they use, they practice the art of sculpture without subscribing to traditional rules, integrating it within a wider spectrum of traditional media ranging from textiles to ceramics and woodworking to stonemasonry.

This work was completed with the support of: the City of Saint-Nazaire, the greater Saint-Nazaire urban conglomeration, state funding (DRAC Pays de la Loire) as part of the Ministry of Culture’s public commission programme, the Département des Pays de la Loire, les Nouveaux Constructeurs and Le Voyage à Nantes.

This project has been co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed to the Bassin de la Loire through its European Regional Development Fund.

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