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“Le Déluge”
Anne de Sterk

Anne de Sterk, born in 1971, has been developing a language, a poetry made out of images, sound and words that she dissects endlessly. What comes out is a dream-like world, described with unbridled imaginativeness.

For Estuaire, she created a fiction out of the myth of the deluge, where artists’ words meet animals and art pieces saved from the water… Major art works from history of art will echo pieces made for Estuaire, shaping a vast and inventive fresco. The resulting book is made up of pictures, drawings and texts. It is divided into chapters, each chapter corresponding to a track on the accompanying CD.

From this, Anne De Sterk will produce a “Sonoguide”, a polyphonic composition made out of words, extracts and quotations, piled up and linked together. With this audioguide, she guess some people to make part of the composition. Listening several different sound tracks in the same time, people have to repeat simultaneously the sound fragments they hear. The result is an absurd, funny and intriguing lecture!


— Graphisme : Gaël Derrien ; Ingénieur son : Hiddo Frericks ; Régie : John Morrin Le livre-CD est réalisé en partenariat avec le Centre d’art de Pougues-les-Eaux, Nièvre, avec le soutien de la Région Pays de la Loire.

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