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Château des ducs de Bretagne

“La Meute”
Stéphane Thidet

Stéphane Tidet’s work explores the collective unconscious, childhood and entertainment. His pieces are visually striking and embark visitors on an imaginary path: mountains grow out of a pool table, a pile of black confettis becomes a slagheap, an upside down swimming pool contorts into a chapel…

At the heart of the city, the castle recalls the Middle Ages. Stéphane Tidet underscores this flamboyant anachronism by re-introducing part of the wilderness of this erea: first, he allowed nature to grow back, then he asked for a hound of wolves to be put in the moats of the castle.

An anthology of short story by 6 different authors (6 authors for 6 wolves) will complete the piece: Emmanuel Adely, Thibault Capéran, Joseph Confavreux, Claire Guézengar, Olivia Rosenthal et Georgina Tacou.

The following text is an excerpt of Georgina Tacou’s description of the project: “Once upon a time, a town was offered to a hound of wolves. The town inhabitants were no longer afraid of the wolves, and the wolves were not starving any longer. It is said that the wolves surrounded the castle, which had not been a prison since a very long time. Fear and hunger once again appeared. Who was locked and who was the jailer? Who was the hunter and who was the prey? Rumour went through chimneys and through the streets “they are back. Who? The wolves. No, no, no. I’m telling you. Apparently… Did you know?… They are here. Yellow eyed beasts lying down on picnic tables (…) ».


— Œuvre réalisée en collaboration avec le Château des ducs de Bretagne Recueil de nouvelles réalisé en collaboration avec les Éditions Coiffard, Partenaire Services Remerciements au Centre Beaulieu, Île de Nantes.

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