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“La Maison
dans la Loire”

Jean-Luc Courcoult

In 2007, Jean-Luc Courcoult was attracted to the town of Lavau and its marshlands, creating La Maison dans la Loire at the edge of the village. The currents got the better of it and, today, La Maison has taken up residence in Couëron once and for all. Located between the river and the countryside, hub of 19th century industrialization, Couëron has a remarkable architectural heritage.

Jean-Luc Courcoult, founder of Royal de Luxe, is a man full of extraordinary journeys and incredible stories. “A house where the foundations, stuck in the silt, tilts slightly, its shutters closed and its rooms uninhabited. It seems as lonely as we can sometimes be in nature. The image is realistic yet poetic. Concrete, secretive, silent, this sleepy house in the Loire could be a picture, a three-dimensional painting settled in time. Motionless. […] That is what I call imaginary realism. ‘Realism’ because we are dealing with concrete, tangible, palpable, and absolute reality. And ‘imaginary’ because the goal is to introduce a little dreaming into people’s lives.” (Jean-Luc Courcoult).


www.royal-de-luxe.com — To be seen from the jetty on Quai Émile-Paraf (200 metres from la tour à plomb).

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