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Opening event

“La Géante du Titanic et le scaphandrier”
Royal de Luxe

5, 6, 7 of June 2009

For Estuaire 2009, Royal de Luxe was back in town with a new creation! Thanks to Jean-Luc Courcoult, author and director, visitors shared new slices of the lives of the Giant and his niece, the Little Giantess.

“In 1912 sank the Titanic. What people do not know is that a 10m giantess was kept imprisoned in its hold. She had been captured in the Ice Land, governed at the time by Denmark (1).

Iceland, a territory shaped by volcanoes, was back then the home of giants, busy sculpting the landscape. Their form of communication consisted of huge geysers responding to one another from one mountain to the other, a bit like the American Indian and their smoke signals or the semaphore line used during the French Revolution. Because geysers are unpredictable, one had the important duty of wakening them whenever a message needed to be sent: that was the Giantess’s task.

English corsairs, in the pay of her Majesty, captured the Giantess. She was taken to one of the holds of the Titanic in order to be exhibited in the New World, thus proving the United Kingdom’s supremacy. As you might already know, the boat sank, ripped by an iceberg coming from the north of Iceland, and the Giantess sank with it.

But like any other member of the crew, the Giantess had relatives: a brother named “the Giant” and a daughter, “the Little Giantess” (2). Whilst her mum was being captured, her daughter took the opportunity to run away on a nearby boat. The Giant, too busy sawing icebergs, understood only too late his friends were missing.
For years, he travelled all over the seabed to finally find the wreck of the Titanic. There, he buried his sister. A few meters away from the liner’s skeleton, he discovered a peculiar trunk: the mailbox of the boat. That was to be the start of a journey that would see him deliver all the mail of the mythological ship and find his niece: the Little Giantess…”

Jean-Luc Courcoult
Author, director Post Scriptum

(1) one year later, Iceland became independent
(2) Her father had died few years back, shredded by two icebergs, whilst sawing them


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