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On the estuary

“Cruise from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire”
“La Valise” Group

The boat chartered for “Estuaire 2007” event, presents a unique view point on the works, the sites, the Loire River and the estuary landscape. Taken into possession by “La Valise” Group, the boat acts, for passengers on board, as an interface between presented works and their environment. The artists present various visions and interpretations of an artistic, heritage-related and environmental reality. The cruise thus offers a better interpretation of the whole event through literature and videographic documentation, live broadcast of images of the estuary, but also provides maps, aerial pictures, interviews, technical data as well as an audioguide which helps to understand the stages and processes of the project creation, meanwhile sailing from one work to another.

From outside, thanks to a reflection effect, the boat becomes a floating object sometimes stealthy but also showy. Reflecting the landscape it goes through, between sky and river, its appearance changes according to the observer’s view point, according to light and environment.

Founded in 1997, “La Valise” group is currently made up of three architects and artists from Nantes: Boris Cochy, Pascal Leroux and Samia Oussadit. On the borderline between art, architecture and design, their actions place contemporary creation in the very heart of public space. The first actions of “La Valise” Group took place in the disused station of Oudon (30km away from Nantes), the aim was to create a broadcasting system dedicated to young creation. Settling in Oudon allowed them to work in contact with the village population and to imagine projects capable, without any artistic compromise, to create bonds between audiences, initiated and uninitiated audiences. The notion of movement is important in their creation process, whether it is the artist, the work or the audience moving.


— La croisière fluviale Estuaire 2007 a été réalisée grâce au soutien de Total, Partenaire Officiel, avec le concours des Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie Nantes Saint-Nazaire, Partenaire Projet, et avec l’appui technique de Sennheiser, Partenaire Services.

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