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Île de Nantes
Parc des Chantiers

“L’Île Phénoménale
(Phenomenal Island)”

Samedi 2 juin 2007

Estuaire opening celebration 2 june 2007

In the strange and exciting atmosphere of harbours from here and there, fairground divinities, big wheel, sensual women, bars and cabarets, music and shows are all here on the “Île de Nantes” (Island of Nantes) transformed into an “Île phénoménale” (Phenomenal Island), a boosted island, overflowing with ignored pleasures for a very special evening opening!

Fairground divinities
Until the western far end of the Island, imposing figures stand along the docks. Imagined and designed by David Bartex, five generously-sized and -shaped creatures, coming directly from fairground imagination, will be with you all evening long. Five personalities coming to life thanks to simultaneous video projection and dubbing: le professeur Vertigo (Vertigo professor), honest, voluble and polyglot gentleman (14m high) will disclose the extravagant evening programme, the imposing and pretentious Nain Koloss (Dwarf Kollosus) (13m high), les Siamois Ying et Yang (Ying and Yang Siamese) (16m high) fighting since their birth, indulgently, through quick-tempered flights and Asiatic funny faces. Then stealthily approach La plus grosse femme du monde (biggest woman of the World): greedy and lazy (15m high), like a sweet-mood wedding cake eying you greedily. And at last, the sensuous and languorous Lola Banana (25m long) lying on the roof of the “Hangar à Bananes”…

Les vedettes
“plus ou moins majorettes” (stars – more or less majorettes) – ambulatory

At any time, you may meet the Stars coming from Belgium and their nice majorette legs! “Les vedettes” (stars) is a theatre creation of which the action takes place within a majorette parade. Real tribute to these twirling specialists, this show, combining choreographies and improvisations, slowly slips towards an off-beat world transgressing rules of mere parody. Three ambulatory shows are offered during the evening.

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