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Le Grand Café

“I wish I am fish”
Paola Pivi

Curator: Sophie Legrandjacques

Based in a 19th century building, Le Grand Café is a contemporary art centre, setting exhibitions, artistic events, meetings, or seminars… Created in 1998, this art centre has since come an important artistic platform due to its demanding curating, its involvement in producing projects, mostly with international artists, its knowledge of the area.
An Italian artist, living in Alaska, Paola Pivi questions what we understand by the notion of “entertainment”. Whether through the use of sculptures, installations or performances (turning a plane upside down, photographing zebras on ice-floe, having leopard circulating between cappuccino cups…), Paola Pivi creates unusual and ambivalent situations, where our usual landmarks and our understanding of the visible are challenged.
She builds a world where nature and wilderness meet the artificial. From this confluence comes out a non-formulaic visual language, which invites the audience to an imaginary and poetic space.

For Le Grand Café, Paola Pivi will present recent and unpublished pieces, of which the I wish I am a fish, a piece about dream and adventure inspired by American comics, is part of.


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