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On the estuary / Frossay (Le Carnet)

“I.C.I.! Instant
Carnet Island”

Rassemblement de micro-architectures et habitats légers

With : Ant Farm (USA) / OLGGA (Fr) / Damien Chivialle (Fr) / Dré Wapenaar (NL) / Winfried Baumann (All) / Alicia Framis (Esp) / Hooman Fazly, Claire Blanchemanche & Cal-Earth Institute (USA) / les Frères Chapuisat (CH) / Antonin Sorel – Free Spirit Sphere (Can)

I.C.I ! was a temporary refuge based on the bank of the Loire and opened to anybody who wanted to experience micro-architecture in wood, ground, resin, underground, in the trees, on the ground or on stilts. A place for visitors to contemplate and take a rest, whilst admiring the river flow.

I.C.I ! refers to “Instant City”, nomadic town imagined by the architecture firm Archigram at the end of the sixties. A travelling metropolis, Instant City, describes a society reduced to a network of informations, where architecture is nothing but an event.

Through an aesthetic, formal, conceptual, functional approach, inspired by utopias from the sixties or the seventies, or influenced by emergency situations (natural catastrophes, wars…), I.C.I underlined brings architectural alternatives where auto-construction was promoted, where humans might live peacefully with their natural environment. Built by artists, architects or inventors concerned about the living conditions of homeless people, these “ready-to-move-in units” were opened day and night.

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