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Saint-Nazaire / Le Grand Café

Minerva Cuevas

Curator: Sophie Legrandjacques

Thousands of bottles of water flood the “Grand Café”. As if this former coffee-house founded by Aristide Briand’s father, was back to its first function just long enough for an exhibition … except for one detail: Minerva Cuevas modified the label of Evian’s bottle. All the colours, the design, the lay-out are exactly the same, but the brand name has disappeared for the benefit of another slogan subtly pointing out political issues linked to drinking water throughout the world nowadays. To see at the “Grand Café” and to take away.

The Mexican artist Minerva Cuevas, as soon as 1998, decided to create “Mejor Vida Corporation” (Company for a better life), a non-profit-making company of “microeconomic services”. It thus provide services, uses among other things images firmly fixed in collective unconscious to modify the logotypes and slogans. These simple proposals, applicable to everyday life for the benefit of egalitarian values, are only possible within artistic field, a freedom and discussion space which seems to be able to accept these claims and to offer a foresight to creation.


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