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Nantes (île de Nantes)
Harmonie Mutuelle Building

“De temps en temps”
François Morellet

The building for the insurance company Harmonie Mutuelle has become the medium for a new image thanks to its recent renovation by Canal Atelier d’architecture.

François Morellet has created a work that constantly changes and thereby avoids the tiresome vision of an unchanging artwork. Everyday, using three luminous “coverings”, the façade allows clouds, a sun, or the rain to appear, announcing the weather in four hours’ time!

François Morellet’s work reconciles mathematical and geometrical rigour with humour and chance. He refuses to impose the arbitrary decision of the artistic process to the visitors. The result is a work where chance is somewhat mastered, and where the piece becomes its own referential point. He desecrates the romantic myth of the artist as a demiurge.


— Artwork visible at nightfall.