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Nantes / le lieu unique

“Climats ouverts”

In 2006, the research group A.P.N.É, from the Regional School of Fine Art of Nantes, invited the architect Philippe Rahm to create an architecture taking into account the new site and the artistic practice within the new building, on the Isle of Nantes. This project was to be presented and installed on the French West Indies docks in time for Estuaire. For financial and technical reasons, this project could not see the light of day.

This year, A.P.N.É managed to direct and produce a fiction film: La visite des écoles d’art par le commandant Von Stroheim. A mix of famous film cuts, fictitious dialogues, unexpected encounters between the dead and the living, the film is a patchwork of the multiple aspects to be considered when creating a school of Fine Arts.

Real-life characters invited on stage share their point of view on what makes a School of Fine Arts a special place to evolve in.

— Réalisation : Apné / Mise en scène : Michel Aubry / Scénario : Michel Aubry, David Legrand, Édith Commissaire Dialogues : David Legrand / Architecte : Philippe Rahm Chorégraphe : Dominique Delorme / Musique : Yoann et Davy Bernagould / Production : esban

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