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Île de Nantes (Eastern point),
Hôtel de Région

“Changing rooms”
Leandro Erlich

As with Estuaire 2009, the Hôtel de Région was hosting an existing work by an artist also invited to create a specific piece for Le Voyage à Nantes event. This year, visitors will discover Changing Rooms, a work by the Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich, who is also behind the monumental Monte-meubles on Place du Bouffay.

The main theme of Leandro Erlich’s installations is to question and problematize our perception of reality. Faithfully re-enacting domestic interiors or walkways, they suddenly spark a moment of doubt: through the subtle play of mirrors, false bottoms, or trompe-l’œil’s, spaces are deconstructed and multiplied.

With Changing rooms, the artist is offering, once again, a physical and visual experience using a mundane space encountered in everyday life: a fitting room. By entering these fitting rooms, the visitor crosses the border between reality and fiction and is projected into a familiar-looking world where, nevertheless, nothing resembles his/her own lived experience. They find themselves in a dream-like state of limbo, a point of junction between the conscious and unconscious.


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