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From Nantes
to Saint-Nazaire

“Block banks”
Block Architectes

Public benches

Block was asked to produce a public bench out of recycled Tetra Pak bricks; Tetra Pak partners the event, underlining a common goal: an awareness campaign about the recycling of the food brick.

Founded in 2000 in Nantes, Block’s work is resolutly experimental. Their practice is a cross-section of different artistic disciplines, recycling either sound, installation, performance or architecture. In designing their benches, they were strongly influenced by their urban environment, more precisely the skateboard banks. The idea was therefore not to create a new object, a new public furniture, but to customise a shape, an object already belonging to public spaces.

The Block Banks are adjustable according to the number of assembled units, the main unit measuring 30cm wide and being the equivalent of 5 000 recycled bricks.


— Mobilier réalisé grâce au concours de Tetra Pak, Partenaire Projet

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