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Chapelle de l’Oratoire

“Ad Infinitum”
Tania Mouraud

Curators: Blandine Chavane, Alice Fleury

Since the sixties, the work of Tania Mouraud (born in Paris in 1942) is a direct account of her relation to the world. She is concerned with human and social issues, expressed through the use of a great variety of materials and media: sculpture, wall paintings, photography, video or sound.

Sticking with the themes of her latest videos dealing with animals, Tania Mouraud went to the Baja Lagoons, in Mexico, in 2007, to film the ballet of grey whales over the course of their migration. With Nantes’ maritime past as a backdrop, Tania Mouraud creates a video unheard-of, projected in the chancel of the Oratory Chapel associated to the wreck of a ship and a sound piece – a mix of recordings made onsite – Ad Infinitum embarks the visitor on a journey to appreciate the power of life, its fragility and its mysteries.


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