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It seems that Cordemais stems from “Cor Maris” – the heart of the sea, because, as the saying goes, once, the sea used to reach the village… Alongside the Loire, the town of Cordemais is located in the fertile valley of the river and it is the highest point of the “Sillon de Bretagne”. About 150 years ago, the two marshes, the “Marais de la Roche” and the “Marais du Lot”, which used to be for cattle breeding, were rearranged by farmers who dug marsh creeks and drainage ditches. This check pattern of pastures and canals constitutes the haven of a particularly rich, varied and fascinating fauna and flora. The sandy trails, footbridges and duckboards make it comfortable to access places that are usually impenetrable such as reedbeds.

Cordemais is also a harbour that takes on multiple colours. Sheltered in one of the Loire branches, it is located next to the EDF thermal power plant, one of the “iron castles” of the estuary. The real interest of Cordemais lies in this paradoxical combination of heavy industry and respect of architectural and natural heritage.