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On the estuary / Indre

“La Machine à remplir la Loire”
Concept Plastique

A fountain fastened to the dock, revels the river rhythms, like a clock which, every six hours, would ring the ebb tide, the flood tide, the ebb tide… Indeed this machine tries, to “fill” the Loire up, as soon as the tide is at its lowest level. Once it has done so, it can stop. It will start again its inexhaustible work on every tide. This pathetic fight and the determination shown by the artists, are a gesture both absurd and poetic.

“Concept Plastique” Group, founded in 1998 by Matthieu Lebot, architect and Freddy Bernard visual artist, stands as a free electron in design, scenography, furniture and graphic engineering fields. They design and produce projects with strong poetic and visual appreciation. From equipments to entertaining and dynamic laying-outs forcing an unpublished and clever reading of their environment, Matthieu Lebot and Freddy Bernard inspire life with unconventional ideas.

Œuvre réalisée pour Estuaire 2007 grâce au soutien de Suez, Partenaire Officiel,
avec l’appui technique de Diluvial, Partenaire Services.

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